SWS: Sgvizler


What is this?

Sgvizler visualizes the result of SPARQL SELECT queries. The name and tool relies on and/or is inspired by SPARQL, Google visualization API, SPARQLer, Snorql and Spark. All the major chart types offered by the Google Visualization API are supported by Sgvizler. The user inputs a SPARQL query which is sent to a designated SPARQL endpoint. The endpoint must return the results back the query results in SPARQL Query Results XML Format or SPARQL Query Results in JSON format. Sgvizler parses the results into the JSON format that Google prefers and displays the chart using the Google Visualization API or a custom-made visualization or formatting function.

The project has moved to googlecode: http://sgvizler.googlecode.com/.


Click screenshot to get a larger version.


Please leave me a note if you use Sgvizler. Any feedback is welcome!

Contact: Martin G. Skjæveland: martige@ifi.uio.no.