OptiqueVQS: a Visual Query System over Ontologies

OptiqteVQS is a visual query formulation tool for expressing information needs in terms of queries over ontologies. OptiqueVQS is composed of an interface and a navigation graph extracted from the underlying ontologies. The interface components are populated and driven according to the information in the navigation graph.

Currently, the ontology is classified using HermiT reasoner and projected into a (navigation) graph. The navigation graph in the form of an RDF model is managed by the triplestore reasoner RDFox.

The OptiqueVQS interface is designed as a widget based user-interface mashup (i.e., UI mashup), which aggregates a set of applications in a common graphical space, in the form of widgets, and orchestrates them for achieving common goals. Apart from flexibility and extensibility, such a modular approach provides us with the ability to combine multiple representation and interaction paradigms, and distribute functionality to appropriate widgets.


Access to OptiqueVQS via the Optique platform http://optique-project.eu/northwind-tutorial/. Requires installation of the Optique platform, but it comes with a comprehensive tutorial, and an example OBDA scenario including artefacts such as ontology, data set, and mappings for online testing and download.

Standalone OptiqueVQS: Linux, Windows and Mac OS. If prompted, the user/password are "admin/iwb".

Unzip the file and run "java -jar OptiqueVQS.jar" or "java -jar OptiqueVQS.jar 8085 8443 8090" (with optional ports). The server is started and the application is running. Browse the page using the (default) HTTP URL http://localhost:8085 or the (default) HTTPS URL: https://localhost:8443.

Source codes available from Gitlab: https://gitlab.com/ernesto.jimenez.ruiz/OptiqueVQS

Demo videos: https://www.youtube.com/user/optiqueproject.

Accessing a SPARQL Endpoint

OptiqueVQS can be configured to access a SPARQL endpoint if there is an ontology describing the knowledge graph behind that endpoint.