OptiqueVQS: a Visual Query System over Ontologies

OptiqteVQS is a visual query formulation tool for expressing information needs in terms of queries over ontologies. OptiqueVQS is composed of an interface and a navigation graph extracted from the underlying ontologies. The interface components are populated and driven according to the information in the navigation graph.

The OptiqueVQS interface is designed as a widget based user-interface mashup (i.e., UI mashup), which aggregates a set of applications in a common graphical space, in the form of widgets, and orchestrates them for achieving common goals. Apart from flexibility and extensibility, such a modular approach provides us with the ability to combine multiple representation and interaction paradigms, and distribute functionality to appropriate widgets.


Access to (light) OptiqueVQS online demo (username and password: "demo"): http://optique-northwind.fluidops.net/resource/VisualQueryFormulation

Access to OptiqueVQS via the Optique platform http://optique-project.eu/northwind-tutorial/. Requires installation of the Optique platform, but it comes with a comprehensive tutorial, and an example OBDA scenario including artefacts such as ontology, data set, and mappings for online testing and download.

Source codes available from Gitlab: https://gitlab.com/logid/OptiqueVQS/ (Standalone OptiqueVQS currently under development)