Reasonable Ontology Templates (OTTR) Library

This site contains publicly available OTTR templates.

Browsing the library

The templates are listed in the left menu (assuming you are viewing this page in its frames version), organised according to the repository and folder structure the template is located in. The numbers in parenthesis following a folder gives respectively the number of containing elements and total number of templates.

Selecting a template presents an information page about the template, generated from the template.

Using the library service

This service may be used by any OTTR template available online in RDF format by giving the IRI to the template as an argument to the web service:[Your OTTR template IRI]

This form may be used to create correct calls to the service:

Template IRI:

Templates loaded by the service are not saved on the server and should not become available in the list of templates. However, please do not use this service for templates you wish to keep private.

If you want to publish your templates in this library, as a temporary solution, please submit them to the draft repository (see below). We are developing guidelines to manage this template library (here) and to have a clear and safe procedure for contributing and publishing and using published OTTR templates.


The OTTR templates available here are served from two repositories:

candidate: git
This repository contains OTTR templates that represent common patterns in OWL, RDFS and RDF, including some ODP patterns. The OWL OTTR templates cover most of the OWL expressions listed in Mapping from the Structural Specification to RDF Graphs.
draft: git
Playground for testing and developing templates.

There is also a repository that contains test templates:

tests: git
Contains templates that as used for testing template implementations. These are designed to give various parsing and expansion errors.