For each section there will about 15 minutes to solve exercises. There is probably more work than 15 minutes allows for, but there are exercises of different degree of difficulty, so choose the level you are comfortable with.

1 Installing software

Your first exercise is to install the software we will be using on your local computer.

1.1 Java

Install Java runtime environment. Windows version is available in the /downloads folder. Mac and Linux systems usually already have java installed.

1.2 Protégé

Install Protégé 4.0. Go to Protége's download site and select the version correct for your system. Copies of the most common versions are for download at sws.ifi.uio.no, which will probably be a quicker download. Run the installation program.

1.3 D2R Server

Download D2R Server. We will go through the installation in later exercises.

Author: Martin G. Skjæveland <martige@ifi.uio.no>

Date: 2010-05-30 23:15:44 CEST

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